“LOWEST-PRICES GUARANTEED” — Contributed by ArtInRuins, circa 2011

The sign we are concentrating on here is the large block letters and the cool light bulb with shades who can flex and hold a bolt of electricity. Pretty cool.

The letter forms are very different than the other signs on this building. the others seem to be done by a professional sign painter. This one is done by an amateur, but in a very endearing way. All letters are the same width regardless of how much space they might need. Notice how the L and E are so wide but the W seems too narrow. The Ss are cool 80s-inspired half circles and straight diagonals (called the letter’s “spine”). The G has an angled bar and the E has a similar angle as well. The Rs seem super wide and the As have a bar that is a bit high.

All the quirks make it that more endearing.